July 19, 2009

pictures and some yuletide love

The dyed fiber and yarn (post black wash):

The sun wasn't shining directly on it, this one really is this bright

This is actually quite toned down after the black wash:

Meanwhile, Christmas came about 5 and a half months early this year, when my mom came over yesterday and decided she couldn't make me wait to give me these:

A brand new set of Valkyrie mini combs! I am thrilled, thrilled, thrilled. Mom did some dyeing of her own yesterday, you can see it here, and one of the many lots of fiber she dyed were some Romney locks, in this absolutely gorgeous combination of orange and coral. I just fell in love with the luster and color of it, she just up and gave them to me, so today I combed them up, spun and plied it and now I have 74 yards of this gorgeous yarn. Just need to find something to do with it.

1 comment:

Carol said...

74 plyed yards did you say? How thick is the yarn? I sure wish you'd use the coin trick so I'd know these things.

It's GORGEOUS spun up. Looks like you're really getting the hang of the combs too!

Great job, Miss Jenny, great job.