October 15, 2012

Normally, I'm against mother-daughter matchy-matchiness, but this fabric was so awesome I had to make pajama pants for both Chloe and I.

This is amazingly soft, thick, good quality flannel.  I mean it, we're talking PRIMO shit, here.  This is The Stuff, and I got it from my exceptionally-good-quality-fabrics dealer, Virginia, at the Gather Here Stitch Lounge in Cambridge.  If you haven't been and it's remotely in your acceptable range of travel, don't think about it- just go.

What's so great about pajama pants is that I didn't even use a pattern.  I based my pjs off a pair of yoga pants I have, accounted for the stretch in the yoga pants that would not be in the flannel, and winged it.  I knew I was playing with fire but they actually turned out really well.

For Chloe's, I just folded a pair of her pants in half, smoothed them out, gave myself about a quarter inch of seam allowance and cut away.  The other great thing about pajama pants is that they are so easy and quick to do, I did hers while she was napping.  Having tried them on, they JUST fit, and I'm wishing I'd added that little triangle panel I see on so many of her pants.  I may alter them to add that.

Given that my house is a mess, there's no real food to speak of in the cupboards and I'm in serious need of some clean bras, I'm going to cling to this as my only hope for a feeling of accomplishment, and I'm going to let it ride.