June 29, 2010

so by the way


But if you read this then you probably already know me, and therefore you know that.

Some people want to be rockstars, some people want to be on Broadway, I want to be a mom. This is my dream come true. Which of course makes me paranoid that something will mess it up, however that's also just how I am. When things are going really well I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Once I realized that that was just how I was, I realized that the other shoe will probably not drop, so I'm okay.

So. What am I doing about this pregnancy, crafty-wise? Not much, actually. I've been freakin' exhausted and only in the last few days have I bust out any needles and yarn for the baby. I'm knitting Surtsey (rav link) which I LOVE, in a deep teal and brown (stole the idea right off the pattern).

I'm just waiting and waiting for this burst of second trimester energy to kick in and inspire me to clean, organize and craft, but so far just a bunch of sleepy evenings and an incredibly (and increasingly) messy house. Fortunately I have a wonderful husband who can keep just ahead of the mold spores.