September 24, 2008


I don't have any pictures of yarn or projects, which is too bad because I'm working on 3 new projects and got 4 new skeins of yarn recently (well, actually 7, but 3 are the same).

I'm still going to post an update though. I am writing this post from a beautiful craftsman home in the Ballard neighborhood of gorgeous Seattle. My dear cousin, one of my top 3 favorite people in the world, practically a sister to me, recently had major surgery, and that in combination with three children and a husband who needed to go back to work made her need someone to come out and take care of her. So I have. :)

I got here on Friday night and I'll be going home on Sunday, so this week I'm working from her house and playing chauffeur to teenagers going to jobs and 11 year olds going to soccer. Speaking of soccer, I recently got a Soccer Mom haircut, so fortunately I have a place to show it off now. Though it's more like a Soccer Second Cousin haircut. Or, as I'm more often referred to, a Soccer Aunt haircut. Or, as I'm most often referred to, a Soccer Uncle Jimmy haircut. They call me Uncle Jimmy. I don't know why. They're related to me, which means bizarre senses of humor running amok. I'm okay with that. :)

My beautiful cuz has been able to make small trips here and there, so we've been having lunch at this AMAZING Pho place nearby, and yesterday we went to the Space Needle! So awesome!

Here's me and my cuz:

She loves Seattle so much. She is so happy out here, it makes me really happy to see it. This town is amazing, I love it. There is a definite element of Crunch that is missing in Boston that I miss from my New Hampshire and Montana days. We're going to the Public Market tomorrow and I am SO looking forward to going to that famous cheese shop, whatever it's called. And I couldn't get any pictures of Mt Rainier, but it is about the hugest and most majestic thing I've ever seen. It's ninety miles, two and a half hours away from Seattle, roughly the distance between Boston and Quechee, VT (where Idiot Teenager smashed into my car) and from my cuz's house it still stands OVER, WELL over, the cityline. I am fascinated by this volcano, it's so beautiful and so incredibly powerful, I can't quite wrap my brain around it.

Speaking of discoveries of absolute stunning magnificence, I have discovered two amazing things about the Pacific Northwest.

Blue Moon Fiber Arts' Socks that Rock is SOLD IN STORES here, and so is Anderson Valley Summer Solstice beer.

I bought 3 skeins of STR, and, so far, a six pack of the beer to send back home. I plan on buying more, if I can find it so late in the season.

That's really all I have time for right now. I am one very tired Jenny.

Over and out, peeps.