October 30, 2007

Boston, you know we love you madly...

I am back to having access to a camera!!! Yay!

Okay so first things first, we've had a pretty awesome week, baseball-wise.

Oh, yeah.

Ken and I at Game One of the 2007 World Series, which our beloved Sox won for the second time in three (and, like, 90) years.

As I write there is a HUYUGE parade of Duck Boats carrying our Hometown Heroes travelling immediately outside the window of my office. I, however, am watching it from home, which is where I'm working today. A few pictures (of the television) of that:

Here is Kevin Yoooooouuuuuuuukkkilis, and what you can't see is that in this picture he is right outside the building where my collegiate a cappella group recorded our album in 2001 on Boylston.

And some photos of the Dropkick Murphys playing on a flatbed truck, with my Baseball Boyfriend Papelbon dancing and acting adorable in the kind of way that would truly irritate me if it was anyone else. :)

Yes, I took those off my television. I wish I was there but, alas, I have to work today. And yes, I really am working, just wanted to take a little blog break and write an as un-Jenny-like post as I have ever written.

What an amazing city, man... I've never heard of a celebration like this for any other baseball team. Any kind of team, really. I think all of the people in Boston are at City Hall Plaza right now, watching Papelbon do a fake Irish jig in a kilt while the Dropkicks play Shipping up to Boston, Tessie and Dirty Water.

OH! AND! Ken and I flew to Ohio this past weekend for a wedding and who sat next to us but Josh Beckett's mom! No lie! She was in the aisle, Ken was in the middle and I had the window! She offered me an Altoid! See, Ken and I were both wearing Boston hats and when we sat down she asked if we were Boston fans. We said yes and she kind of half whispered, half laughed "I'm Josh Beckett's mom." We kind of half smiled and wondered why anyone would say that. What a weird joke. So then as we touched down (that's when she gave me the Altoid!) I joked, "So you're Josh Beckett's mom, huh?" and she was like, "Yep! Sure am." "Wait. Really?!" "Yeah. Want to see some ID?" Ken said, "Uh. Yes."

That was kind of the highlight of the trip. That and seeing an actual, real live DeLorian. Ken rolled down the window and screamed "HEY! DOES THAT THING HAVE A FLUX CAPACITOR IN THE BACK?!?" But, I mean, the wedding was nice, too...

Okay, so no, I haven't forgotten this is a knitting blog.

Please excuse the previous burst of pseudo testosterone. Back to the stitches.

Currently on the needles we have the Boogie vest from Knitty. It's coming along alright. At the same time I'm looking forward to having it done so I can wear it and I'm also totally realizing that it will probably be exceptionally unflattering on me, lol. Meh, if it's that bad I'll give it away and call it a hand-knit gift. :D The color in this photo isn't entirely representative. The real color is much more of a deep olive.

Also on the needles: I'm making arm/wrist warmers from the pink and green yard I dyed during the AWESOME weekend at Martha's Vineyard with some of the closer friends I've made over the past year in my open, public, weekly knitting group. As an aside on that topic, I don't feel guilty about making friends with other knitters. In fact, I look forward to forming more friendships from that knitting group.

So here's how the warmers are shaping up. I'm using that slip/knit/slip thingy that you do during heel flaps. Sorry, no idea what it's called. :) I'm really psyched about how the colors are forming with the exception of one REALLY weird anomaly.

Both sides:

As I'm knitting these using the Magic Loop and I haven't been rotating it, I've got a consistant split down each side. One is alright and flows well, but on the other side the colors split at EXACTLY that point where I change needles. It is the weirdest thing, it looks like a badly planned seam, but it's just how the colors have worked out.

Bizarre, huh? Really, I'm not that worried about it. We'll see how the other one comes out.

Last weekend Ken and I relaxed and unwound from our very hectic Housewarming Party by going apple picking in North Andover. We had a really nice time and last night I made a pie from our apples. Yum!

My artful photography:

My gorgeous boyfriend:

My favorite picture from the day:



October 5, 2007

There is no I in T-E-A-M people.

Enormously inspired, yet again, from the lovely, creative and talented Librarian-In-Training, I have decided that creating a list of knitting goals is EXACTLY what I need to do right now! It is much more important than actually, say, working (not actually much to do right now) or PACKING for the move first thing tomorrow morning. I can't really put a time limit on these goals, pretty much rendering them useless, but at least it will help me to organize my knitterly thoughts.

1. Finish 2nd Kool Aid Charade sock

Once I've done that I can then compare the first (knit on US 2s) and the second (US 3s) and decide which one I like better, then I can get started on...

2. Knitting 3rd Kool Aid Charade sock

...using what's left of the ball (heh, ball) and probably having to unravel a bit of the reject. If I do not have to unravel the reject, I will felt it and make lovely flower lapel pins from it to place on my black Navy pea coat for the winter.

3. Finish the Boogie vest

I graciously offered to do a Boogie KAL with a newbie knitter friend of mine, then got so focused on finishing the back panel that I zoomed off on my own and finished it while the poor girl was still struggling with the 2 inches of 2x2 ribbing at the bottom. I'm a bad friend. :(

However, now that I've started it, it really just makes the most amount of sense for me to just finish it, right? Besides, now I will have already been through the pattern and I can focus more on her knitting next time we get together! See? It all works out!!


4. Set the twist on my blue handspun and get started on the mittens

Um, that one is self explanatory

5. Do SOMETHING with the ugly Kool Aid dyed superwash Knitpicks Bare

Seriously, it looks like a stoned Dead Head dyed it. I need to try to fix it or, worst comes to worst, just overlay it with something super dark.

6. Start the socks for my Rhapsody-in-Hot-Pink Knitpicks Peruvian that I dyed with, you guessed it, Kool Aid!

I think I will be knitting the Falling Leaves socks from Knitty... I think that pattern will look gorgeous on that yarn. Though I believe I may need to purchase a new set of needles for this one.

7. Finish Callisto!

Duh! I am so excited for this wrap! I put it down to knit roommie-Nathan socks and never picked it up again! Gah!

That's about it for now. Of course there are countless other projects both on the needles and ready to spring to the needles, but I can't focus on those right now. I need to get this stuff done first!

If you're REALLY lucky, I'll post UPDATES! GASP! OH, and just to let you know, a plain wooden dowel makes a fine Nostepinne. :)

So, in other news, today is my very last day as an apartment dweller. My very last night sleeping alone. Tomorrow morning, at the buttcrack of 9am, I am moving out and into the new house. I am so excited, even though I do LOVE sleeping alone sometimes, and even though I will miss living in Boston more than you can imagine. But like I always say in my supreme wit, as much as I love Boston I love Ken more. (Square.)


(Dear readers, this is Jenny's wheel speaking. Please excuse the above horrendous joke. She's very stressed out right now and I think she might be losing it a little. I keep standing here, looking beautiful, trying to tempt her into more time working on me since it will make her feel better but she just keeps running around the apartment frantically pointing at things she will at some point need to pack and not packing them. Her hair is a MESS, too, it's flying all over the place. But hey, I just notice these things because I'm a wheel, and noticing flyaway fiber is just what I do.)