October 5, 2007

There is no I in T-E-A-M people.

Enormously inspired, yet again, from the lovely, creative and talented Librarian-In-Training, I have decided that creating a list of knitting goals is EXACTLY what I need to do right now! It is much more important than actually, say, working (not actually much to do right now) or PACKING for the move first thing tomorrow morning. I can't really put a time limit on these goals, pretty much rendering them useless, but at least it will help me to organize my knitterly thoughts.

1. Finish 2nd Kool Aid Charade sock

Once I've done that I can then compare the first (knit on US 2s) and the second (US 3s) and decide which one I like better, then I can get started on...

2. Knitting 3rd Kool Aid Charade sock

...using what's left of the ball (heh, ball) and probably having to unravel a bit of the reject. If I do not have to unravel the reject, I will felt it and make lovely flower lapel pins from it to place on my black Navy pea coat for the winter.

3. Finish the Boogie vest

I graciously offered to do a Boogie KAL with a newbie knitter friend of mine, then got so focused on finishing the back panel that I zoomed off on my own and finished it while the poor girl was still struggling with the 2 inches of 2x2 ribbing at the bottom. I'm a bad friend. :(

However, now that I've started it, it really just makes the most amount of sense for me to just finish it, right? Besides, now I will have already been through the pattern and I can focus more on her knitting next time we get together! See? It all works out!!


4. Set the twist on my blue handspun and get started on the mittens

Um, that one is self explanatory

5. Do SOMETHING with the ugly Kool Aid dyed superwash Knitpicks Bare

Seriously, it looks like a stoned Dead Head dyed it. I need to try to fix it or, worst comes to worst, just overlay it with something super dark.

6. Start the socks for my Rhapsody-in-Hot-Pink Knitpicks Peruvian that I dyed with, you guessed it, Kool Aid!

I think I will be knitting the Falling Leaves socks from Knitty... I think that pattern will look gorgeous on that yarn. Though I believe I may need to purchase a new set of needles for this one.

7. Finish Callisto!

Duh! I am so excited for this wrap! I put it down to knit roommie-Nathan socks and never picked it up again! Gah!

That's about it for now. Of course there are countless other projects both on the needles and ready to spring to the needles, but I can't focus on those right now. I need to get this stuff done first!

If you're REALLY lucky, I'll post UPDATES! GASP! OH, and just to let you know, a plain wooden dowel makes a fine Nostepinne. :)

So, in other news, today is my very last day as an apartment dweller. My very last night sleeping alone. Tomorrow morning, at the buttcrack of 9am, I am moving out and into the new house. I am so excited, even though I do LOVE sleeping alone sometimes, and even though I will miss living in Boston more than you can imagine. But like I always say in my supreme wit, as much as I love Boston I love Ken more. (Square.)


(Dear readers, this is Jenny's wheel speaking. Please excuse the above horrendous joke. She's very stressed out right now and I think she might be losing it a little. I keep standing here, looking beautiful, trying to tempt her into more time working on me since it will make her feel better but she just keeps running around the apartment frantically pointing at things she will at some point need to pack and not packing them. Her hair is a MESS, too, it's flying all over the place. But hey, I just notice these things because I'm a wheel, and noticing flyaway fiber is just what I do.)

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Macoco said...

Congrats on the move I can't wait to see your new place!!!