September 26, 2007

Fuzzy results

WHAT?!? WHAT?!!??? TWO POSTS IN TWO DAYS?!!? That just doesn't make any sense.

So the Cherry/Pink Lemonade yarn turned out a beautiful slightly variegated deep pink. I love it. So does the yarn. In fact, the yarn itself felt so warm and fuzzy about the color that it just kind of up and felted itself a little bit. Like a big self-hug. Oh yeah.

I'm hoping that in the ball-winding process I might be able to pry it apart from itself and salvage the yarn. I think I can, it just might not be so easy. Oh, I so desperately need a swift and winder... For now I think I'll use a chair back (or someone's hands) and a homemade nostepinne (read: wooden dowel from the hardware store) to try to create my own probably very messy version of a center pull ball. We'll see how that works. :)

Meanwhile, I am finished with the roommate's socks, I just have to fix one little thing. I've moved onto the second of my first Kool Aid dyed pair, however there's a slight change. I knit the first sock on size 2 needles and it is a SUPER tight knit. I'm knitting the second on 3s. I figure if I like it, I'll finish it and knit a third on 3s and then just do something fun with the tighter sock. Rip it out and make something cool, or just felt it and make cute little flowers to put in funky places. Oooh, that's a good idea... It would make a fine lapel pin, I do think.

So I'm realizing that I may have to miss the next two OR THREE of my regular Stitch and Bitch meetings! BUMMIN'! It's just gonna be a crazy month I'm entering into. Moving into a new house, moving in with that guy... Lots to do. I have two trips planned for October. One very exciting one to Martha's Vineyard with ma bitches, and then to EXCITING OHIO for a wedding. I have to SING at this wedding. This makes me nervous.

To soothe my nerves I think I'm going to sign up for the February Sock Club at Yarn 4 Socks. I figure if I sign up and pay for it now, I'll forget about it entirely and come February, my birth month, I'll be surprised with a nice little yarny package!

Yay for little yarny packages!

Which reminds me, the boyfriend and I were having a (very serious, of course) conversation about dong cozies (koozies?) on the T a few weeks back, and what color he'd like his to be, were I ever to knit him one. I said, "Baby pink?" He said, "Please. Royal blue." I told him Royal blue was simply out of the question but that I might consider Navy blue, to which he replied "Canary!"

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Macoco said...

You have to come out to knitting I miss you!!! Sigh. And you are ALWAYS welcome to come over and use my ball winder and swift.