September 25, 2007

Kool Aid Serenity Dye

So it's been kind of a frustrating day. Coworker issues.

I'm taking an hour for lunch so that I can dye some yarn with Kool Aid. I figure nothing to calm the irritated soul like a little childlike play and Carly Simon's "Into White" album.

Currently I am dyeing KnitPicks Bare 100% Peruvian Wool (fingering weight, of course- I have become a sock knitting addict) with two packets of Cherry and two packets of Pink Lemonade. I'm hoping for a little variation, but if the two colors decide to blend perfectly and create a gorgeous bright pink/red, I'll be more than happy with that.

I also want to take my recent FAILURE and futz with it a little. It came out like really bad tye dye, Ice Blue Raspberry, Changin' Cherry (which, it turns out, is emerald green) and Jamaica (what the hell does Jamaica taste like? Salt, dirt and BO? Meh, it's red) with a lot of bleeding into one another (yay, brown!) and some white spots. Yeah. Not pretty. Looks like a Grateful Dead concert, and not in a good way. I've decided to add a nice little overlay of Lemonade over it. I figure that's the least offensive color to mix around.

My hope is the red will turn slightly more orange, the green will turn brighter and the blue will turn a bit more like a spring green. The white will turn to yellow and the brown... well... the brown will just get browner. Which, actually, sounds like it could be even more hideous. Wot-eva, we'll see what happens. What are the successes without the failures, right?

Currently I'm writing this in my non-knitterly blog, which I'm realizing is just wrong. Hold on, lemme cutnpaste.

Ahhhh, here we are.

So I have a sneaking suspicion that the reason I NEVER update this blog is because I feel I need pictures for each post. I don't have a digital camera, I just use that tall guy's, so as we are not yet living together it's difficult for me to actually carve out time to take pictures, upload them and bring them over here.

In the interest of being more faithful to this here knittersome blog, I hereby declare myself free from the obligation of posting pictures!

Now that that's been taken care of (ooh! I think only two more minutes in the nuker!) I'd like to share some unbelievably exciting news with you which, GASP, hey! It actually comes with a picture!


We move in in two weeks! LESS THAN!!!! It is absolutely amazing to me how much buying a house (um, well, senor tall guy buying a house that I get to live in) inspires me to be every ounce the domestic goddess I so emphatically scorned as a super-liberal 7th grader discovering all the patriarchal injustices of our society.

Yeah, well, she AND her bad perm are gone and now I just can't wait to bake and CLEAN (WHAT?!?) and spin and knit in my new house.

First off, though, I'm painting my room. I have claimed the one very small extra bedroom as MY room. Well, what I call it is really dependent on the context of the conversation. If our friend Betsey is visiting, it's Betsey's room, if Jack is visiting, it's Jack's room. If anyone else is visiting, it's the Guest room. If no one is visiting and I'm doing something crafty in there, it's the Craft Room and if I just want to get the hell away, it becomes MY ROOM.

Ken can have the garage. ;) Kidding, the rest of the house will happily be his, I just want a room I can paint a bright, happy, funky color of appley green and sew in, with a bed that fits my back, should it ever go out again. Or, rather, when it eventually goes out again.

Ok kids, the yarn is done. Maybe someday I'll post pictures.


Ariel said...

Your house is so cute! Congratulations. And I can't wait to see the new yarn!

Macoco said...

Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!! That is absolutely amazing. Two weeks, wow. :)

I can't wait to see how the yarn came out too.

Sarah said...

Congrats on the new house!!!