September 11, 2009

Wedding Papercut!

I finished a Scherenschnitte for my wedding! Initially I had an idea of what I wanted but I knew I could never do the drawing/designing part myself, so I asked this amazing artist who I follow, Cindy Ferguson, if I could commission her to design something for me. She responded a day or two after I sent her the email, and in that time I thought I might just take a stab at it just for the hell of it, and I just kind of dove in and ended up drawing out exactly what I wanted! So, although she was very gracious and offered to design something, I hunkered down, cut my own design out, and here it is:

Stupid blogger won't resize, it just cuts the image off, so this is a small view. To see it in real size it's weddingscherenhere.

I haven't been doing any knitting at all except for The Wedding Shrug That May At The Very Last Minute Not Work Out At All, however I am ARMED with some Martha's Vineyard Fiber Farm bulky in their awesome Kiwi and a Menemsha sweater pattern in Baby-Size for Heavy Kevvie's 1st birthday, which I will attack on our honeymoon.

I'm also planning a stop on my way to the train this afternoon to Windsor Button to pick up some Manos, perhaps, for a beautiful bulky shawl that's on the new Knitty which I COVET.

Clearly I've had my fill of laceweight yarn for the time being, lol.

I'm also dying to spin up some yummy stuff for a cowl/hood on Knitty.

As for the wedding, I am so excited I think I might piddle. I'm also approaching BROKE, BROKE. This shit is expensive, and I'm becoming glad that we cut our wedding down to a smaller size than we originally wanted. It's insanely expensive, but I feel like we might recover. With our original plans, I would have just been feeling nauseous!

I seriously can't wait to be knitting on Prince Edward Island... It's one of the many thoughts of wonderful times ahead of me that are holding me through these last couple weeks of work! :)