July 13, 2009

dye, bitch

Yesterday I had a fiberlicious day. I got an awesome dye kit from Hello Yarn and I dyed up 3 different lots of 4oz of combed mystery-wool top (which is something very similar to merino, we just don't know for sure) and a skein of Bare yarn from knitpicks.

I am not overly adept at color theory. I mean, I get the basics, but I don't have that natural talent that some people have, though I'm pretty psyched about some of the things I got. The first batch I definitely put too much dye into, so it got a little muddy, but after that things ended up pretty much how I wanted them to.

It's cooled overnight and when I get home I'll wash it and hang it to dry. I need to get a bunch of superwash sock yarn. All the stuff I dyed is not superwash, and I'm kind of over handwashing.

That could be the percocet talking. Again.

My mom-turned-obsessed-fiber-junkie bought a drum carder which she has loaned to me, which is great. I've always wanted one. However, now that I see how drum carders work (producing batts) it's becoming clear that what I really want are a set of combs. I want to be able to create combed, um, whatever they ares. Though, batts are wicked frickin' cool too, so I still want a drum carder (or just unlimited usage of hers. :)

I dyed some roving a year ago with food coloring, and it felted a bit in the processing of it, so I'm flicking it open with my new flicker brush that I got, and I'll card it up into batts. I can't WAIT. It's nice to get into processing fiber again. The wedding has kind of taken over my life.

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Sarah said...

You will have to post pictures soon!