July 18, 2009

My attempt at self-striping sock yarn turned out very well, I believe, (I won't know until I actually knit with it to see how good the striping is), however the colors are SO FREAKIN' NEON it's like being back in 6th grade and listening to the Micky Mouse Club group The Party and watching Back to the Beach.

So, this morning I mixed up a very watered down black and overdyed it. It's cooling now. I think it toned down the colors a bit. I'm just hoping it doesn't come out all muddy. Right now it's hot and wet (heh heh) and looking a little muddy, so we'll see.

This weekend I don't have much going on, I just dropped off my wedding dress at the seamstress to have it altered, so I'm nervous and hopeful about that.

Ken and I are pretty much planning on a whole lotta nothing this weekend, which sounds just about perfect to me. We might go out and look for some wedding clothes for him, otherwise, I just plan on doing a lot of knitting and spinning.

It's damn hot and humid, though. I want my next house to be on a small, swimmable lake. A lake on which no motorboats are allowed, only canoes, rowboats, kayaks, and where you can just swim across over and over for exercise. There isn't slime or too many weeds, and no bitey fish. A nice, clean sandy lake floor, and maybe an island where we can canoe out and have a campfire.

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Sarah said...

That lake sounds wonderful on a day like today. I can't wait to see yarn. One of these days we will need a Team Meeting!!!