July 11, 2009

the perks of perc

Starting on my 3rd pair of Monkeys. Don't know what it is, really, I usually hate knitting the same thing over and over again, but I just' love this pattern.

I'm using this special colorway of STR lightweight dyed specifically for a yarn shop called Tricoter in Seattle. I bought it when I was out there visiting my lovely cousin Jo. I WANT to knit these for her, but I may decide to be selfish and keep them for myself. :)

We'll see.

I had a dental implant put in yesterday. I'm in a bit of pain today, so I'm utilizing the Percocet. It's a good thing. :) I feel like my perc-high is probably coming through in my blogging right now. Which is a-okay.

Just sent the dude out for Rice Krispies and some marshmallows. We're going to the birthday party of his Best Man and I wanted to make these amazing cookies, but I just don't feel like going too deep into it, but RKTs are super easy, so I'm going to make those.

I pretty much just want to stay here, buzzing on the couch knitting and listening to old episodes of the Ricky Gervais radio show. Really kind of digging the ride. :)

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Ariel said...

I just started a second pair of monkeys myself. S'all good, baby. S'all good.