February 19, 2008

Yarn for Sarah!

Sarah's yarn was so excited about being so bright and happy during these dreary months, that it decided it needed to fly.

I also have pictures of the dyed roving!  It bummed me out at first that the colors didn't come out the way I had planned, but I think this is kinda pretty.  Or really ugly, I can't really tell, but I think it'll spin up well.  I can tell you that the roving is really happy about itself.  It is a very happy batch of roving. It still has a little bit of drying to do, but I'll hopefully be able to spin up at least a little this afternoon, and I'm SUPER excited to see how it comes out. It actually may have felted oh, so very slightly, but I think it'll be workable.

So the incredibly talented Cindy over at her blog, Scherenschritte, very sweetly gave me permission to show the cutting I had done of her awesome design, one of the four she created for a Little Red Riding Hood series. I definitely plan to use several of her original designs as templates, as I find my way through this really exciting new craft. I highly recommend taking a look through her blog to see what she's done.

And here's what I've done, which I think is really cool, and I'm excited about. Either Flickr or Blogger is being stupid, and I can only show the whole design if I do the smaller version, but here it is. Not to scale. ;)

It is currently hanging on the wall above my couch, and I'm excited to make the other three. Though, I'm actually thinking of doing them all a bit smaller, and perhaps out of origami paper. The paper I used is closer to construction paper, and I think it'll probably fade really fast. So now I just have to start keeping my eyes open for cool frames.

I'm almost finished with the socks I'm knitting for Jane, who I'm going to visit in NYC this weekend. I love STR and the fact that their mediumweight yarn is such a fast knit! I decided to try out a short row toe for these, however I find that the internal seam is REALLY obvious, and who wants to feel seams in their socks? So I'll redo the toe I've done and do the new toe differently. Not sure if I'll use my usual toe, or possibly a spiral toe.

My birthday is on Thursday and I'm SUPER excited about it. I keep expecting that Thing to kick in where I'll stop really caring about it, but every year I still look forward to it. I think the reason why is that, well, a) I'm kinda self-centered and my birthday is all about MEEEE, so that's cool, but then also because my mid-20's really kinda sucked in a lot of ways, and I had about 4 or 5 years in a row there where my birthdays were really just shitstorms of suck. My dad had just died, or I was 2,000 miles from my friends and family, etc. My mid-20's were an incredibly frustrating and lonely time for me, but in the past couple years that has really turned around. I have a job that I really enjoy, I've found the love of my life, a home of my own, some really great friends, and I finally have direction. Not the direction I thought I'd have, but it's a good direction. :) This birthday is a chance to celebrate how happy I am with my life right now.

So this week is jam-packed full of activities to celebrate. Drinks and yummy German food on Wednesday, the MFA and afternoon tea at the Taj with my moms, a romantic dinner in the North End and finally a long weekend in NYC with my best friend Jane, who will be the recipient of my very first pair of Socks that Rock. Tuesday I'm taking off, too, but that's just so I can get some general stuff done and chill out after all the excitement.

Perhaps I'll dye some more roving...


Sarah said...

I love my flying yarn!!! Your paper cut is great. A framed series will look so cool.

Susanna said...

yay! this birthday will be great!

Ariel said...

I do believe this is the first flying yarn shot I have ever seen - breaking new ground in craft blogs. Well done! And, bulky seams notwithstanding, will you show me this mysterious "short row" thing you speak of one day?

cindy mindy pindy said...

Bravo! Good job on the papercut!