February 22, 2008

Some picture updates and I'm a girl

Well, the snow has pretty much put the kibosh on driving to NY today, however it has allowed me to have a very chill day at home where I can get some laundry done, get my oil changed and do some damage on my Cabled Blanket. It's a slow project, but a nice one to knit while I watch Suzie's Gilmore Girls DVDs.

My mom and I had a great day in Boston yesterday. Tea at the Taj is a damn good time! Though I totally broke the "casual elegance" rules and wore sneakers. She brought the socks I knit for her for Christmas, as well as the kitchen towels I embroidered for her, so I could take some pictures of them.

The socks were knit with Austermann Step, in a basic sock pattern:

The kitchen towels were embroidered using designs from Sublime Stitching. Blogger has a habit of cutting off the right side of my pictures, so to save time I'm just going to upload smaller versions.

Finally, I've been able to spin up just a bit of the hand dyed roving from this weekend. I'm liking how it's turning out, I can't wait to see what happens with it.


Ariel said...

Ooh, that roving spun up beautifully!

Now did you really get your "oil changed" at home, or is that some sort of euphemism the kids are using these days? :)

Macoco said...

let me tell you, I got my oil changed last weekend and it felt great! ha - love how Ariel can put the spin on something so mundane!

The roving is gorgeous. And I love those tea towels!

I'm sorry that NY didn't work out!

Quirkles said...

I love you guys. Just everything about all of you. You all just crack me up.
The roving is really pretty. I can't wait to see it knit up!
And the towels are adorable. Love em.

Sarah said...

The towels and roving look great. I love that you were a rebel and wore sneakers to tea.