January 12, 2010

things i'm in love with right now

To kinda take a page out of my friend Susan's book at Juniper Moon Fiber Farm, here are some things that I am in love with right now.

This is my newest love. "New" as in "I discovered it roughly 15 minutes ago." A photo blog called crush party. This brilliant woman does the kind of thing I do- instead of taking her own pictures (or perhaps she does, I'm new to her, but I do not), she copies photos she loves and posts them on her blog. I've always copied photos I loved, but it never occurred to me to post them on a blog.

Here are a few of my favorites from the first 3 pages (as of today) of her blog:

My brand new Vinturi Wine Aerator

My also brand new pizza stone. (I did a little registry-finishing this weekend at Crate and Barrel) I bought it, went straight home, and my friend Betsey and I immediately got to work drinking some aerated wine and making a pizza. Forgive the crappy photo, it was taken on my iPhone:

We didn't know what we were doing, and we figured we might come up with some pretty good results that way. Turns out, we did. This is wheat crust from Trader Joe's, brushed with olive oil, then topped with sliced pear, prosciutto, basil, and gorgonzola. It smelled ridiculous, but was WAY too salty (lesson learned regarding prosciutto and gorgonzola) so we drizzled the baked pizza with honey and it was gorgeous.

I love this book, Material Obsession by Kathy Doughty and Sarah Fielke, also introduced to me by Susan.

It has inspired me to go out and make a quilt, something I haven't done for YEARS and years. I went to JoAnns and bought way too many fabrics in competing patterns, and I need to find a way to ground it a little (I have some ideas) but for now, this is the (very busy) gist of it. Again, iPhone photo, so the colors aren't quite right.

I'm just really into purple, turquoise and green right now, I guess.

Speaking of quilts, Ken and I went to the American Textile History Museum in Lowell, MA on Jan 2, and I fell in love with this quilt

These gnomes

From left to right we have Joseph, Norman and George. All three were needlefelted. I made Joseph and George, and Betsey made Norm. At first, George was David the Gnome, but Ken was fiercely jealous of him. It bordered on frightening. However then Ken said "wait, actually, he looks like a George," and I actually agreed, so George was born and Ken loves George.

Whoops, George got cut off. That's okay, he was playing with my webcam a few weeks ago:

And finally, two things I am in love with in one picture. The vases (part of my little Crate and Barrel trip) which were like $3 each, and the sunflowers, which my darling husband brought home for me last night.


Bea said...

My suggestion to ground the quilt a little would be to add a few solids as some of the blocks. Either two corners of the smaller blocks or one large block. Just to give the eye something less busy to focus on maybe?

Jenny said...

I think you're right. I also think I'll make the four-smaller-square blocks two and two instead of 4 different patterns. Working with color and texture does not come all that naturally to me!

indigodi said...

Love the gnomes and vases! Did you get the vases at the outlet or regular store?

Jenny said...

Thanks! The vases were on clearance at the regular store. I got the last green one and one blue one. :)

Ariel said...

I love those gnomes! Pattern?

Gale said...

Wow Jenny...you're amazing. Love the colors in the quilt your making. And that wallpaper (ok...know that's not you but that is just cool.) Loving your blog. Mom was talking about something you posted on your blog and I'm like "blog, what blog?"