March 13, 2008

FO FO Callisto!

I am so glad to say that after months of work (and months of letting it rest) I have finally finished this wrap, and am so immensely happy with the outcome.






I love the ruffles, I love the yarn, I love the size, it's just beautiful.

Pattern: Callisto, by DoubleHelix (I'll give you her real name when she gives me permission to do so on this here innerweb.)

Yarn: The RIDICULOUS Noro Silk Garden. Absolutely ludicrous, this yarn. I had a damn yarngasm every time I touched it.

Meanwhile, I just got to work, threw on my At-Work-Slippers, and noticed this. Today, I am wearing these socks:

...with these slippers:

  (not my photo- I swiped it from somewhere on the internet:

I'm wearing my Monkey socks with my sock monkeys! Isn't it an exciting time to be alive?


Macoco said...

Fantastic work on the Callisto! You did a really great job and the yarn is freakishly pretty. yummyyumyum.

Dude, I need some work slippers. That would be living the high life.

Jenny said...

Yeah, and I've started a trend at my office! Well, okay, one other person got work slippers. :)

Ariel, this is what I was seed-stitching, the last 3 rows of Callisto. That don't... ever... stop...

Ariel said...

Ah, but you didn't answer the rest of the question - were you seed-stitching it WITHOUT PANTS?

It's really beautiful, pants or no pants.

Quirkles said...

Your Callisto is gorgeous. I know you're psyched it's done!
I would wear slippers at work, but I don't have them there. Instead I just walk around in my socks. Some say that is unprofessional. I don't think so!

Sarah said...

Callisto is so beautiful! And I love your monkey slippers.