March 11, 2008

it would have been better if I could have made the photos grainy...

Do you ever feel like you are creating yarn porn when you take pictures of your new yarn? 

First of all, I have to admit that today this blog will be the unwitting victim of bad photography.  Which, really, just kind of pushes along the whole yarn porn thing.  However, I am limited on time and much too eager to share the gorgeous colors of Blue Moon Fiber Arts to really strive toward the great photography of my comrades in the knitterly blogosphere such as Miss Macoco, whose photographs are inspirational each and every post.

We talk about her pictures when she's not around.  Does she have a timer on that camera?  Does someone else take the photos?  Does she feel free to pose the way she does because she's alone and has complete creative control, so she can simply delete the embarrassing ones, leaving only the really great ones for us?  Or is she just that confident around whoever is actually taking the picture to do all the cool poses she does?  I know when I had to take the picture of the vest I recently did, Ken was the one holding the camera, and I felt like an idiot.  I am very comfortable around Ken, hell, I'm comfortable around anyone, but posing for pictures makes me feel incredibly silly.  Not comfortable in front of a camera, that's me.  And, as you'll see from the slightly blurry pictures below, I'm not entirely comfortable behind one, either.  :)  

(EDIT: Several of the... photos... below were taken after this was originally written.  Honestly, it started out innocently enough, I just wanted to take pictures of my new yarn, but then things just got a little out of hand. Next thing you know, as Ken says, "yarn on yarn action.")

Okay, so on to the loot.  I got three, count 'em three more skeins of STR, in shades "Socktopus," "Jade" and "Rolling Stone." These are the last 3 skeins of yarn I am allowing myself to purchase until I am actually on fairgrounds of some kind, smelling sheep poop, with a belly full of hot dog and fried dough.  This month, with the trip to NYC, the trip to Webs and the several times I've purchased "just one little birthday present for myself" I've gone a little overboard in my stash hoarding, and while I've enjoyed every minute of it, my credit card is starting to complain of shooting pains in its joints.  (Wuss.)  

So.  The sloppy, half-assed plot of today's yarn porn has to do with Socks That Rock.  And yes, you can rhyme those words with as many other dirty body parts as you can think of.  :)

First we have Socktopus, a sweet, unassuming little skein of yarn.  The kind of yarn creepy older needles (you know the kind, those metallic Susan Bates size 13s) might refer to as "barely legal."

 She's just hanging out on the streets of NYC (well, on the fake black pashmina that was purchased on the streets of NYC).  It's her very first time to the big city, and she's awestruck by the grandeur of it all, when along comes Jade.

Jade knows a few things about the streets, and what it takes for a young, naive skein to get by, so she takes Socktopus under her twist and introduces her to an old friend. One the other balls of yarn call "Rolling Stone."

RS, as he's known on the streets, immediately likes the look of Socktopus, and decides to show off his colors a bit.



Socktopus says, "Gasp! Wow... that end... it's just so... pink, and the other is such a deeeep purple..."

::Cue the theme from Shaft::

::Fade out music::


I think I'll call it Socktopussy.

Meanwhile, I'm officially a Masshole now!

I honestly can't tell you if I blurred out the license for want of some semblance of anonymity, or so that I could play with photoshop...

Honestly, I miss the NH plates already. I just like the green better. Plus, how cool is it to have "Live Free or Die" on your license plate?

Now I'm off, because I just received word that THE SPRING KNITTY IS UP!!!! YAY! YAY! PRAISE THE GODDESS OF SPRING!!!


Quirkles said...

You're so dirty! I love your yarn porn. Those skeins are naughty! We need to work on the festival calendar. I can't wait!

Sarah said...

That is the dirtiest yarn porn I have ever seen. Where was the parental warning? But the yarn is so very pretty.....

Ariel said...

Correction - that should be HOT yarn on yarn action. And you get extra points for working "barely legal" into a sock yarn post. Awesome.

Macoco said...

You are such a nasty girl! You are almost as filthy as that Rory Gilmore!! :P

And quit talking about me behind my back! ;) Yes I have a timer, and a tripod. Yes, my pictures are self portraits. I feel stupid all of the time so, I don't know if I feel more or less stupid when I take pictures of myself. I'll try to pay attention next time. ;) Most of my pictures are a product of me living alone and being bored.