March 8, 2015

Art, maaaan...

I've been painting for the last month, and this weekend I decided to buy some pencils and a sketchbook and try to see if I could dope out this whole drawing thing.  What I need is a teacher or a class, but that's not really possible right now so for now I'm just taking photographs and going from there.  I'm a complete beginner but my God, is it fun.  Why do all the obsessions I develop have to be so very financially unviable?  When will I discover a passion for data analysis or finance management?

This is a painting of my very favorite place in all the world, my lovely Aunt Jo's farm.  This is her front yard looking out across the road over to their pasture.  When our entire family descends upon her place there's always someone out here sitting in the chairs relaxing.  It's the most beautiful place in the world.  Original photo below, so you can see all of my mistakes ;) No, really it's so that I can have a place to host the pictures.  Thanks, Blogger!

Original picture.

And here is a drawing I did last night of my girls, again from a photo.

Original photo.

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Ariel said...

Both are lovely. Are you good at every darn creative thing you do? Not that I'm jealous.*

*I'm a little bit jealous.