August 4, 2010

Things I'd like to be doing:

-Finishing the Surtsey (Rav link) in red and brown that I'm knitting for my friend (she doesn't know about it, but she also doesn't know about this blog). It's due on Sunday.

-Making this awesome patchwork cube:

A woman on my preggo board made one and it is absolutely gorgeous.

-Finish sewing up cloth napkins. I've got about 17 left, which means I've sewn about 24 so far.

-I went to the SoWa Open Market with Jane this past weekend and we saw this artist whose name I unfortunately did not get, who had made these awesome little prints on onesies, baby and toddler clothes. I have all the materials already to make these, except for the ink (easy and cheap at Blick) and the actual onesies (easy and cheap at Target or wherever), and I'm dying to sit down, carve me some stamps, mix me up some fabric/screenprinting paint and get to work decorating a little wardrobe.

-Making wall art for the baby's room. I'm thinking something in a Wonder Woman.


-Organize my kitchen.

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Gale said... can maybe convince me that making adorable cute chicks is easy...if you knit. But you can't convince me THATS easy. I've seen quilting...that's hard!