March 29, 2010

Seven pounds.

Seven. Seven pounds.

Seven pounds of white, undyed wool. I organized my fiber stash yesterday and found that I have seven pounds, JUST of white, undyed wool. Doesn't count non-animal fiber, certainly doesn't count dyed fiber.

I am not a production dyer, and I'm not the type to spin up enough wool for a sweater (spinning up 4oz of the same stuff is borderline too much, I need novelty), I've just somehow accumulated seven pounds of white fiber.

I think I should get to work on dying it in 4oz increments (28 4oz increments- that's 56 PAIRS of socks). Hell, I could open an Etsy shop if it turns out I have any talent in dying (which, who knows?) I can't buy any more fiber, though. Holy lordisa wowie.


Ariel said...

Your white fiber stash bears a perhaps-unsiprising resemblance to a giant drug stash.

Sarah said...

Okay, so when we're at Gore Place we will not let you buy any undyed fiber. Funny Ariel sees drugs and I see albino cotton candy...that must mean something.

Jenny said...

I saw drugs too. Every time I see that picture it looks like bags of white powder.