April 23, 2009


Well... I've sent $295 to a woman named Casper in Illinois. Hopefully that means that I'll get a wedding gown. The right wedding gown, that's in good condition. Yeah, so we'll see. :) I guess I shouldn't be surprised if she, ahem, disappears with my $295. Right? Get it? Casper??

Yeaaaahh... heh heh. Ooookay.

Hopefully this is not a case of me being too trusting, but rather a case of me being just trusting enough. :) I used Paypal, so that's good. She sounds very down to earth and reasonable. We estimated that shipping would take it to around $295, she said she'd refund any overage, and I said I'd pay the difference if it went over that.

I am excited. :)

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Jenna said...

Hi! I'm JennaKate from Ravelry. I just wanted to tell you that I got my dream wedding gown for $75 on ebay. It was absolutely perfect and I am so glad I spent all the money I saved on our photography instead!