December 2, 2008

So first I took this:

(that pinkish one on the bottom there- purchased at The Gathering)

And spun it into this:

(spun long draw woolen, then navajo plied!)

And then, over Thanksgiving, I knit it into this:

(colors not so great on this picture, and the pattern gets lost in the yarn, but whatevs 'cause I loves it)

After that, I took this:

(gorgeously soft Alpaca purchased at Rhinebeck)

And spun it, single ply, into this:



Now I'm spinning this:

So that gray Alpaca- the curly, prewashed single. As insane as that looks, I could have swum in a pool of unwashed single like that and drowned in it, and been a happy, happy woman. If I wasn't so eager to begin knitting a manly cowl for KEN, WHO ACTUALLY WANTS SOMETHING I SPUN AND KNIT (will wonders never cease...) I would have just left it all active and curly like that and just loved it up.


Divine Bird said...

OMG LOVE THE HAT. And that bottom yarn is fabulous! Are you going to navajo ply it to keep the colors, or ply it on itself? Or what? Love it!!

Love the hat. Seriously.

Jenny said...

Thanks! I thought of you when I finished this skein, because you're such a kick ass spinner and I was proud. :)

The yarn on the bobbin is a bag o' STR sheep 2 shoe that I got at Rhinebeck. I thought about Navajo plying it, but I'm gonna just follow the instructions and 3 ply it.

Sarah said...

Holy crap! You are such a spinning bad ass! Funny story, I had that same grey roving with me on Turkey Day and my niece starts touching it and then leans over and plops her entire face in it. Oh yes, she is one of us.

Quirkles said...

That is some gorgeous shiznit! Love it! Miss you!