August 31, 2008

My Summer Vacation

Short version: Idiot teenage girl blows through a blinking red, plows into me, and pushes my car into someone else's. Car totaled, hand broken, vacation totally ruined. Which means, fine, I'm gonna have to take a loss on the car even if her insurance pays it off, but more importantly, no knitting for who knows how long. I've tried, it's really not happening. Can't crochet either. Absolutely can't spin.

So, I'll pass the time blogging about recent fibery accomplishments. Because I now type one-handed I'll be keeping the text to a minimum.

I could not, absolutely could not be prouder of these mitts. My first colorwork project, and also my first experience with Malabrigo.


Crofter's Cowl using gorgeous Sundara:

I actually messed it up in the grafting, and I must say I liked it better pre-blocked, so I'm actually not sure what to do here. I still have half a skein, I may do it over again on one size smaller needles, as it's a touch too big and floppy.


Merino dyed from natural dyes with the lovely Librarian-In Training a couple months ago. When I washed them a couple weeks ago they all felted just slightly, and the red felted a bit more than slightly, but I think I can still use it. This came with us to Vermont, as did my wheel, and would be yarn right now had Idiot Teenager not crashed into my car and broken my knuckle.

No, but all jokey-bitterness aside, I actually am legitimately bitter.


One Twinkle, Twinkle, being knit for Miss B's birthday. So, I guess it's a Twinkle.

Good god but that is a terrible picture, isn't it?


I have pictures somewhere of what was left of our vacation, the crash and all my bruises, I might post those later with a slightly more involved description of what happened. On the good side, we stayed at a cottage on a lake in VT that we loved so much and was so wonderful we are definitely going back next year, and the next, and the next... Pictures of that to come, too.

Womp woooommmppp.


Sarah said...

I am glad to hear that you are okay but so sorry to hear about your hand and the car. Damn teenagers. I can think up revenge fantasies if you want. The mitts are beautiful.

We may need some dive bar worship to pray for your hand.

Quirkles said...

Holy shit! That sucks so bad! I am so sorry! Wow. Don't know what to say. Stupid teenage %$*@*#! How long will it take your hand to heal so you can get back to knitting? The mitts are absolutely gorgeous, and I know that they are deliciously soft. The cowl is beautiful too. I want to feel it as I don't think I've ever seen Sundara in person, so to speak!

Macoco said...

I hope you have the speediest of recoveries! The mitts are fantastic. You did an amazing job on your first colorwork project!

Ariel said...

Holy crap, how awful! I mean the accident and the hand and the car, of course. Your projects are gorgeous. And I agree with Sarah - if there's anything that says "Dive Bar Worship," it's that. Team Dive Bar Worship, activate!

Anna said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your car accident! And it happended in Vermont? So sad! I hope your hand has a speedy recovery.

Your projects are amazing. I'd love to see all of them in person sometime!

Susanna said...

very sad about your hand but AMAZING MITTS!!! they are absolutely beautiful

Lisa said...

Oh, what a terrible thing to have happen. And no knitting or spinning??!? So very, very wrong. I really hope you hand heals soon! Also, if Team Dive Bar Worship is recruiting, I'm available.

Your projects are stunning, but I am especially bowled over by those mitts. Really impressive and beautiful!

Writer Bug said...

Your knits are so beautiful! I would stare at those mitts forever if I had made them. So sorry to hear about your hand though! Do you sew? Using a machine, sewing might be a crafty thing you could do with one hand broken.