July 23, 2008

oops! hee hee!

So I decided I wanted to knit these using this:

I had never done stranded knitting before, and I saw a cool little tool that's supposed to make it easier, so I decided to buy it. So I went to Windsor Button to buy this:

And only that.

I came away, however, with this:

...And these:

(here's another picture of the pink)

I am a whore. I have become a whore. But I can't help it. Have you TOUCHED Malabrigo? Have you FELT it? Have you smelled it? It's effing heavenly.

So here's what I have to show for it, after that first evening:

If only you could feel how soft it is. It is amazing. It's like a tiny little kiss on the cheek from an angel. It's like a summer's day walk through a meadow filled with wildflowers, and sun coming through the leaves. It's like when Anne Shirley and Gilbert Blythe finally fell in love. It's like $240 worth of puddin'.

Oh, and then there's THIS, for which I fought tooth and nail over the span of two hours on a website that crashed every time I clicked a button. I'm surprised I haven't been fired.

Ladies and... well, I'm pretty sure the only people who read this blog are ladies, I present to you, The Most Beautiful Skein Of Yarn In The World

Another, truer to the color, but blurry.

And another.

Seriously, when I look at these pictures I get this jelly-like feeling in my stomach.

I'm useless. I'm spent.


Ariel said...

Love the yarn and the mitts, but I do find myself wondering "Where did you get $240"??

Jenny said...

Shhhhh... Don't you worry your pretty little head about that.

WriterBug said...

Love this! I do this pretty much every time I go to a yarn store. My stash is HUGE (thanks to a donation from a non-knitting sister in law who inherited all sorts of cool yarn from her boss who spent a ton of money on the stuff and then decided to stop knitting. Stop knitting? How could one do that? but anyway....). And yet I still can't come out of a store without a new ball of yarn. :)

Sarah said...

Uh oh, I have to go to Windsor Button to get a little stranded thingie too! The yarn is gorgeous.