June 12, 2008

Here's what's going on RIGHT NOW.

1. My back is ACTUALLY GETTING BETTER. I am no longer in constant excruciating pain, now it's more like an on and off somewhat to very annoying pain, that has, lately, been off just as much as it's been on. I attribute this almost entirely to my acupuncturist, who found a place on my body to stick needles into which, when he's touching it, doesn't make me cringe with embarrassment for not shaving/exfoliating/knowing my own boss. My shoulders. How it is that sticking needles into my shoulders and arms has significantly reduced my back pain is something only those kooky Chinese medicinal practitioners know, but I'll take it!

2. Last night was our company party. I got drunk and am living today in a haze. A foggy haze.

3. The recent heat wave brought about a virtual EXPLOSION of dark red roses in our front yard. Who knew we had rose bushes? Love that first summer in a new house- discovering all the awesome things that start to grow when the weather gets good. This is something I want to do here, I just haven't had the time to set it up- I want to create a photographic tribute to Why I Love My House. If it's nice this weekend and I have some time on Sunday morning, perhaps I'll be able to finish the photos I'm planning and put that up.

4. I've spun my first skein on a drop spindle. It's spun from 70% Alpaca, 30% Tussah silk, plied to within an inch of its life, and is now what I'd call laceweight. It's actually quite wiry, and though the washing and whacking of it did get it a lot softer, it's still not something I'd want to wear. So, I'm planning on knitting some sort of Household Thing with it. Perhaps a lacy pillow or a lamp shade cozy.

5. Speaking of handspun, here are the socks I'm knitting with my handdyed, handspun Merino. The first skein of yarn I've actually wanted to knit with!

6. I really don't understand street cleaning. Why do we need to wash the street? It's the ground.

7. I'm actually incredibly busy today, since I'm taking tomorrow off to go down to Martha's Vineyard for the Relay for Life. I'm really hoping to be able to take a bit of time to go visit Susan and the kids and lambs at the MVFiber Farm while I'm down there. However today, I have TONS to do. So, naturally, I've updated my blog.


Ariel said...

I am unspeakably envious of your spinning skills. But, um, why would you be shaving and exfoliating your boss? ;-)

Sarah said...

I really like that yarn you spun, when you make it into some home-y project you can show it off to everyone who visits! I am glad that your back is feeling better!!!

Macoco said...

praise the chinese for their tiny little needles! i'm glad your back is feeling better.

Quirkles said...

What a bummer that gorgeous yarn spun of alpaca and silk, normally comfy fibers, is rough. Maybe it will soften up? I really want to see it knit into something pretty you can wear.
Psych that your back is feeling better. Now we can schedule a blueberry picking field trip for later in the summer!