May 11, 2008

So, I've been kind of absent lately, even when I'm present. Sorry for those of you who are desperate for me to post (snarf), and apologies as well to those who see me in person and have to put up with my not-really-theredness and constant-bitching.

Life has its ups and downs, and while the love and friendship arenas of my life are aces right now, for which I am incredibly grateful, currently in the health, job and family departments things are a bit stressful (and often downright painful). Back pain, stressful projects that won't end and take up half the weekend, and an uncle in the hospital. Blech.

However.  Today was Mother's Day, and after a nice brunch I took my mom to the New Hampshire Sheep and Wool Festival and, as Sheep and Wool Festivals are wont to do, it made for a pretty awesome stress-free (if not entirely pain-free) day. I'ma gonna take a few moments right now to listen to some chill Indigo Girls and show off a couple fun things.

So, unfortunately I didn't bring the camera with me, which is too bad, for the cute animals were abundant and I could take no M&M pictures of the day (M&M- Mommy & Me. No matter how old I am or how seldom I refer to her as "Mommy," {that would be never} we will always have M&M days.) Still, though, we had a great time. She was so psyched to see the sheep dog demos, which are always really interesting. I was psyched to see all the yummy yummy fiber!

Speaking of yummy, my first purchase of the day is currently a hotly debated item on Rav. I am personally positive through past experience that I will side with the "deliciously awesome" side of the debate, as opposed to the "horrifyingly awful" side. The question, of course, is "What's it like to knit with Noro sock yarn?" Well, now I can find out for myself!

Hohhh man... love it.

I also bought some lovely roving, whose colors aren't necessarily accurately displayed here, but it is four ounces of Merino gorgeousness, and to go with it I bought a drop spindle. The second I had purchased the drop spindle I started spinning with it. While walking, while sitting, on the drive home (wasn't driving, of course). I don't know why I didn't think of this earlier, I've just never been attracted to the idea of the drop spindle, but I spoke to this wonderful woman there who was spinning on one and immediately knew it was the answer to all my problems.


Speaking of spinning, I picked up two more bobbins for my Minstrel (I had planned on 5 but forgot my damn checkbook so only had enough cash for 2) and I found this antique (according to the woman who sold it to me, of course) print of a wood carving. I absolutely love it. I can't read the name of the artist. Harris Fehnersomething perhaps? It's called "A Difficult Decision" and something about it just spoke to me. Ken, of course, took one look and said, "Heh, you just love it 'cause there's a spinning wheel in it!"

That may be partially true. But only partially.

So that was the wonderful day at the NHSW festival. Very nice.

Meanwhile, I'm knitting the Central Park Hoodie by Heather Lodinsky and I've recently finished the back.

Mmmmm, tweedy, cabley goodness! Wow. What an Ariel thing to say...


Sarah said...

I love the idea of you spinning at all times. I hope your aching back gives you a break sometime soon.

Macoco said...

I am loving those orange cables! That is going to be a gorgeous sweater.
I'm going to cast on some Noro sock tonight. I'll let you know what I think of the yarn.
I'm sad because I think my denise needles are making me hate knitting. I haven't used them in ages, but cast on a sweater with them recently and denise is such a bitch! I hate her!
So I just ordered an options set. But in the meantime - I need to knit socks.

Ariel said...

Yay portable spinning! Your yarn is sooo pretty, too.

Will you help me pick out a drop spindle?? Mine's basically utter crap.

And that is some seriously f-ing sexy tweed. Oh how I wants it.

Snippety Gibbet said...

I tried using a potato drop spindle on a friends dog hair once. Dog hair is tricky.

Jennifer said...

That is a gorgeous orange. Pretty funny you being so excited about "portable spinning". Centuries worth of peasants would laugh. Please post about how the Noro sock yarn works up.