November 9, 2007

Ode to Austermann Step

O Washable East Eurpoean Wool...

You, infused with aloe
You entrance me, yes, but how so?
So soft, and yet so strong
We should have a knit along

I love to knit with you
If alive, you'd be my boo
You calm me, make me chill
Much better than taking a pill

True, you cost some dough
But so?

You stretch, yet hold the stitch
You keep me from being a bitch
Despite my hatred of poetry
You make me rhyme, Oh Noetry!

Fine, I stole that from Drew
But if only Drew knew
How I was in love with you
He wouldn't mind the plagiarism.


Okay so it kind of fell apart there at the end. But here is a photo, surreptitiously taken with my cell phone at work. Hee hee! It feels so good to be so bad!

(Unfortunately that particular tastiness is tempered by the fact that no one would actually care if I was doing a sock photo shoot at work, so I have to infuse that experience with a faux sense of illicitness. It's kind of like being excited about Santa coming when you're 28. WHICH ISN'T ME AT ALL! Shut up, just go with it.)


Ariel said...

Awesome! Though you know, an illicit photo shoot is the knittblogger version of drinking alone - some judgmental people consider that a sign that you're an "addict."

Sarah said...

I'm sure if the yarn were alive it would want to be your boo too.

Macoco said...

awww the sock looks great so far. i've done the illicit work photo shoot before. it feels a little shameful.